The sky is a suspended blue ocean the stars are the fish that swim. The planets are the white whales, I sometimes hitch a ride on, And the sun and all light have forever fused themselves into my heart and upon my skin there is only one rule on this wild playground, Earth for every sign I have ever seen reads the same. They all say, “Have fun, my dear; my dear, have fun in this divine wonderful game.” Hafiz



During the acute Corona Crisis Classes take place on Monday and Wednesday from 8h30-10 am via zoom. Please contact me for the link.


Monday  8h30-10h00 am: Yoga Flow

     6h30-7h25 pm: Yoga for Kids (10 Years +)

     7h30 – 9h00 pm: Yoga Flow

Tuesday 7h30-9h00 pm: Introduction to mindfulness (25. Feb.- 23. June)

Wednesday 9h00-10h30 am: Yoga Flow

     7h30 - 9h00 pm: Mindfulness monthly (last Wed. of the month) 

Yoga Flow combines dynamic yoga asanas with mindfulness practices.

Kinder Yoga combines yoga asanas with mindfulness practices of the MoMento curriculum of Achtsame Schulen Schweiz (

Mindfulness Monthly takes place every last Wednesday of the month and is intended for people who already have experience in mindfulness (e.g. a course at Yoga Itschnach, an MBSR Kurs, a Vipassana Retreat or experience with Tibetan or Zen Meditation) and would like input to sustain their own practice. 

Core & Cardio Classes with Carron

Tuesdays & Thursdays 8h30-9h30 am, 0794188063

Specials & Workshops

Online Yoga and Mindfulness Sessions