The sky is a suspended blue ocean the stars are the fish that swim. The planets are the white whales, I sometimes hitch a ride on, And the sun and all light have forever fused themselves into my heart and upon my skin there is only one rule on this wild playground, Earth for every sign I have ever seen reads the same. They all say, “Have fun, my dear; my dear, have fun in this divine wonderful game.” Hafiz


Montag     8h30- 10h00 Yoga Flow

       17h15 - 18h10 Kinderyoga (1.-3.Klasse)

        18h20 - 19h15 KinderYoga (4.-6. Klasse)

        19h30-21h00 Yoga Flow

Mittwoch   8h45-10h15 Yoga Flow

      10h30-11h45 Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga 

Donnerstag 19h30-21h00 Yoga Flow, Pranayama, Meditation

Yoga Flow kombiniert dynamische energetische Yoga Asanas mit Achtsamkeitspraktiken.

Kinder Yoga kombiniert Yoga Asanas mit Achtsamkeitspraktiken aus dem MoMento Lehrmittel von Achtsame Schulen Schweiz (

Specials & Workshops

Ankommen im Augenblick- Einführung in die Achtsamkeit in zwei Workshops,

Sa 30.10. und Sa. 27.11. von 13h30-17h30.

Information und Anmeldung.

Bracelet Workshop with Rachel Sundström, Saturday, 4th December 2021

14:00 to 16:30, info and registry 

Core & Cardio Classes with Carron

Dienstag & Donnerstag 8h30-9h30, 0794188063